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Nuclear Go Zero | Go for No Nukes, 311’s nuclear power farewell demonstration

On the eve of Fukushima’s nuclear disaster commemoration, except for some unperturbed groups from nuclear official and electric companies, Taiwanese people should not forget about all the people suffering from the nuclear radiations. In the media, we never seen the fishermen unable to catch fish, the deeply worried and sick people or the mother concerned about their child’s health! Radiations have spread into Tokyo, 200km away from Fukushima, and also into the food available. Mothers are concerned about the repercussions those radiations can have on their young child. Living became the choice between what people can or cannot eat. The Japanese government may cause several cases of cancer throughout the nation by raising the allowed ration norms in human body and in the food. Japanese daily life is now polluted by post-Fukushima radiations.

No Nuclear Power Plant, No Nuclear Disaster

In our society dominated by nuclear family, human rights come last when it is about avoiding calamity, raising the uncertainties about nuclear security, and allowing groups interested in nuclear power to keep expanding. However, a new movement in Japan emerged from people’s dissatisfaction: “Goodbye to nuclear power, call for 10 million people to act”. Originated from the February 2nd Saturday rally that gathered 15,000 people at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, it’s a demonstration take will take place on March 11th and call on government to give up nuclear power.

Antinuclear, a worldwide movement

After a whole year of efforts and supports from worldwide antinuclear movements, Taiwan finally announced that the old nuclear power plant would be closed. However the problems of nuclear safety and nuclear waste crisis remain unsolved, and so is the construction of Taiwan’s fourth nuclear power plant. But we must bear in mind that the nuclear disaster isn’t over yet.
This year, Fukushima’s disaster urged people from every country to protest against nuclear power. This is why we kindly invite everyone concerned about the antinuclear movement to participate in the “farewell to nuclear power rally” on March 3rd, calling on every nation to give up nuclear power and making places for tomorrow’s new power. On that day, Taiwan cannot miss the boat: let’s take part of that worldwide antinuclear protest!

Meet us on March 11th (Friday) at 1:00 pm.
In Taipei: it starts at LongShan Temple(MRT 1st Exit) > HsiMenDing > Taipei Main Station Guanqian Rd. > Ketagalan Boulevard (final destination).

In Taichung: it starts at Taichung Park > Liberty Road Section 2 > ChongCheng Road > TaCheng Road > Wonderful Cinemas (1.4km altogether).

Taichung Taipower (No.86, Sec. 2, Ziyou Rd.) > Ziyou Road Section 2 > ChongCheng Road > Sanmin Road > Gongyuan Road > Taichung Park (1.5km altogether).

Kaohsiung Meet us on March 11th (Friday) at 7:00 pm.
The main gate of Kaohsiung Cultural Center ( Google MAP here )

Contact and Registration
Please send an email to: 430nonuke@gmail.com